Bulgarian Learning Center “Rodina” is a not for profit organization under IRC Section 501(c)(3), which was established on July 21, 2014,  by a group of people with Bulgarian origin with the idea of popularizing the Bulgarian cultural heritage, folk dances and language among the Bulgarian and greater St. Petersburg / Tampa Bay Community and general public.

By offering educational program and events, as well as organizing and participating in different cultural events the Bulgarian Learning Center ”Rodina”(The Center) is presenting to the public information and facts about Bulgaria as a state, about its very ancient and rich history, about the Bulgarian language, which has been created in the 9th century and was the first Slavic language to appear in writing, using Cyrillic alphabet; about the Bulgarian folk music and wide diversity of folk dance styles, being unique in its complex harmonies and highly irregular rhythms.

Instructors, who have received their education in Bulgaria, in such matters, participate and are included in the educational and cultural programs and events.

All programs and educational meetings are open to everyone who is interested regardless of age, race, gender, religion, social status, family or marital status.

For more information – contact us at bglcrodina@gmail.com or find us on Facebook.